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There are way too many options...

We get it. Choosing the right tools and systems to fit you can be overwhelming! There are so many options to consider - height, weight limit, half or full overhead, storage, folding, hydraulic, portable... the list goes on! 


This is why we decided to create the new Prestige Elite Folding Table & Restraint System - for groomers, by groomers.

Danna and her team have worked to ensure they were PERFECT, that both the table and restraints could be used in multiple scenarios, with a variety of dogs - no matter the size - and could meet the needs of the Every Day Pet Groomer!

With the first official launch of the table and restraints, we are having a massive


Until March 15, be one of the first get your hands on the table, the restraints or both, and save HUGE!

The Prestige Elite Folding Table

The Prestige Elite Folding Table is designed for both Professional as well as personal use.

It features:

  • Height adjustable legs,

  • A non-slip table top,

  • A storage shelf for tools,

  • Large rubber wheels so when legs are folded the table can be used as a wagon to pull kennels or grooming equipment.

  • The full overhead arm features two side restraint loops, as well as four top restraint loops.

  • The arm is sturdy for dogs of all sizes.

  • Lightweight with an easy-to-carry handle.

This table is perfect for show handlers, professional groomers and personal users. It's versatile design makes it super mobile, easy to set up, and it looks great, too!

The Prestige Elite Folding Table is a cost-effective option with all the luxuries of expensive high end grooming tables.

The Prestige Elite Restraint System

The Prestige Elite Restraints System helps make grooming easier for both groomer and dog!

This system is completely made from BioThane - a synthetic material that is strong and durable, completely water proof and easy to clean and sanitize.

The system includes:

  • Two grooming loops - 16" and 18" for maximum control on the table.

  • A loop extender when you do not want to move your grooming arm.

  • A groomers helper which clips to the side bar of your grooming arm and to the grooming loop to hold your dog in place.

  • A padded belly band for both control and comfort.

  • A 6 foot leash.

This gorgeous and functional system keeps you and your pup safe and comfortable while grooming!

An anxious pup is a moving pup!

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This sale is already INSANE, but we KNOW these are for you, so we decided to go further! 


Bundle the table and the restraint system and

save an EXTRA $27! 


That's $175 in savings! 

But only until March 15th!

Don't forget to pre-order yours before the sale ends! 

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