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Trimming the Fur


At Prestige, we are groomers too. We know what it's like to be frustrated because the tools we expect to work don't. We saw a market need for an innovative new line of grooming tools, so we got to work!

Prestige Elite is specifically made for THE EVERYDAY PET GROOMER. Personally designed and tested by Danna Alexander (Master Groomer and founder of Prestige Dog Grooming School) to ensure each product has the highest quality - if she doesn't love it, she doesn't produce it. When a product passes the initial testing phase, we continue testing  in our salons for months before it is brought to market. 

We believe in creating effective equipment that helps solve real-life problems groomers face in the salon every day!   


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Danna Alexander (1).png

Founder of Prestige Grooming School

The Everyday Pet Groomer &

Prestige Elite

Danna was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She has always had passion for animals, and at 16 she began her grooming journey by sweeping hair at a local salon.  


From a young age, Danna believed education was not limited to one scope but to whatever method brought you knowledge and learning!  She taught herself to groom but never stopped seeking more training and more education for herself. She opened her very first Salon at 19 years old in Calgary Alberta Canada and spent years honing and perfecting her craft.


Danna fell in love with competing and as her career grew, she won many prestigious awards as a competition groomer earning her a well-deserved reputation in the industry, which led her to complete her Master Groomer Title through Canadian Professional Pet Stylists.


She decided she couldn't keep her experience, knowledge and expertise to herself anymore. 

 After being contacted by many groomers seeking help with every day pet grooming, and seeing a need for quality education that tailored to different learning styles, Danna decided to create and launch the most comprehensive grooming educational program on the market. Danna firmly believes in helping her students find their unique talents and abilities, and helping them shine through!  


Danna spends her days teaching her passion and helping others reach their goals to discover their potential.

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